Why most men try to pull their penis out too soon , before a girl starts thinking good about that guy, who is on purpose ruining fun for both?


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  • I normally keep it in until it is completely flacit and wants to fall out on its own. Can't speak for anyone else.

    • here you go! a great opinion from a well-travelled man. Thank you !!

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    • The best part of the whole size thing is everyone reports what they see in the locker room. Nobody ever walked through the locker room with an erection.

    • Here is something most people don't understand about size. It is the stimulation you provide that makes it as big as it is. If you a vibrant and exciting, my imagination will swell beyond what even you think you can handle.

      Lately I just play with my own thoughts and they just seem to fall limp. It's a good thing to know at least one person can feel my lingering sensation of my thoughts even after I have come and gone.

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  • We're getting a lot of stimulation, so we need to pull out in order to last longer for you.

    • read the last part of my question, please. It said something about ruining the fun for both. In your understanding they should just get over with phone texting and don't sit in traffic for longer then the whole action takes.

    • Oh... he's just being a jerk then.

    • in my experienced opinion, it has to do a lot with his intelligence and, as a fact, how he is doing in bed with a woman for real. Inpatient men can't understand the process of lovemaking. As a result, they will never learn how to get to the higher level of joy. Because the only woman can take a man out there.

  • I mean, maybe they're getting the wrong signals from you?

  • Probably because he's going to cum so he thinking he can go a bit longer.

    • .. and that's how eventually he will come over a naked girl's pictures but will never mature as a man with a real woman.

  • Well, animal natural instinct sexual need !


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