I am supposed meet up with my ex tomorrow for a beer... Need advice?

She dumped me, I was pretty heartbroken. Her reason was that she didn’t feel the spark anymore. I definitely did not do anything horrible to spur the breakup. Went no contact for about a month & then she started reaching out. The “meetup” or “date” was her idea. I just texted her to confirm for tomorrow & she said she is planning on it.

I feel like I’ve been getting mixed signals about her intentions for tomorrow. On one hand she has been much more communicative & positive than in the immediate aftermath of the break up. She’s texted me about things that we used to do together/experiences we shared. She’s sent smileys & what not. But she hasn’t explicitly called it a “date” or hinted at any change in her feelings… She planned the meetup on a day where she would “have more time to hang out” but she also called me “amigo” in a later text. (Granted all communication has been minimal because I’ve been keeping it short & to the point)

I still have feelings for her. I just have these weird first date butterflies again & I’m not sure what my focus should be. I don’t want to bring up reconciliation unless she does but I want to go about the “meetup” or “date” in a way that might make that a possibility. Any tips/advice welcome!


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  • Just treat it as what she calls it a meet-up. She just wants to see how you've been holding up. Let her initiate any potential romantic chances. Don't bring up the past unless she does. Keep eye contact turn off your phone. Whatever happens friends on hotter you act and react.


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