When Should I Start to Worry?

I think I either messed up, or things are starting to fizzle out. I met a guy on Tinder a couple of weeks ago and we hit things off really well and very quickly. We progressed to talking almost every day, but lately it feels like things are starting to become stale. I should note that we go to different schools (still in the same state though so we can still try to see each other) so I know that distance is an issue, but I'm also worried that things won't work out well as also. We had a conversation today and he was playing XBox while talking to me which I understand takes his attention away, but when we did talk things just didn't flow and I want to account that to him focusing on video games but I also don't know if that's just us not connecting either. We ended the call kind of awkwardly and I'm worried that things are ending. Is this something I should be concerned about?
I should also note that the reason I feel like I messed up is because today he invited me to stay at his house and I asked him if he was doing that for just sex and he said no and then I said I felt mean for asking him that and he said not to, but he's also told me he loves me multiple times so I feel like that might have made him feel bad.


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  • Ok the key point here is you just met him a couple weeks ago
    This is way to much thought and concern for a 2 week old phone only relationship. If you can even call it that.

    • You're right. It's just felt like it's gotten serious because he's brought up the subject of love, kids, living together, etc.

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  • Okay I'm gonna be honest... you met him on tinder girl, he's 100% just looking for sex. That's what the app is for. Plus him saying "I love you" while still giving you reasons to wonder about his feelings proves that he actually doesn't love you. And guys will talk about the future all day long, 99% of the time they are just bullshitting you. Sorry to sound so cold but it's the straight up TRUTH


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