Which girl should I date? Girls or guys help Please!

I have the rare opportunity (at rare for me ha ha) that two very attractive girls like me. The problem is like them both! I don't know how to choose. I'm trying to find out which has a better chance of lasting the longest. Oh and have only known them for about 2 or 3 weeks, but have been texting/ facebooking almost constantly. Here is a overview of each girl:

1. Lets call her Ellen

She is blond, slightly shorter than me, very pretty, great sense of humor, good flirty vibe, has cool green eyes, we automatically got along and have a great relationship, is very open and honest, and cuddly. The only drawback is right now she is going out with a senior, even though she doesn't like him very much (why is she even dating him? Is it just to say she is dating a senior?)

2. She is brunette, has startling gray eyes, very beautiful body, sexy face, funny as far as I can tell, and pretty flirty. The drawbacks for her are, I haven't really talked to her in person, and I have heard rumors that she is a slut (but no proof).

Advice from guys or girls is very much appreciated, who do you think is most likely to stay longer?

Oh and for #1 there as rumor that she smokes weed, so if that's true, that will almost imediatly make me ask out #2 instead


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  • #1 is in a relationship, so you can't date her (yet).

    #2 is "pretty flirty"...so is she flirting with anyone else (or everyone else) too?

    "and I have heard rumors that she is a slut"

    Find out if that's true. It will be a deal breaker.

    • Thanks, will do. She most likely does flirt with other guys, but I was talk about with me.

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  • I saay 1 even kno she has a boyfriend just wait ,(:

    • Id say number two, she's beautiful and she's available too, besides like one member said, number one doesn't seem right somehow.

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd go with girl two. Girl one might be using you to make him jealous, besides he might come after you if you take his girl

    • Yeah I thought about that last point... If I did end up going out with her, I'm gonna wait til she breaks up whith him. And to the first point, idk, because she always calls hima douche, and seems genuinely happy and flirty around me, like she would sneak up on me and lightly punch my shoulder or something. But I gues anything is possiblr

    • Well she's emotionally attached to the d bag she doesn't like. Girls love to keep falling in this cycle. She's probably a little flirty with you because she misses the fun she use to have. You could wait, but remember you don't wanna get stuck in that damn friend zone with both of them.