I've decided to start dating again but I need help?

Basically I would like to start dating again however my thought process is particularly Sporadic. This makes talking to anyone a very odd situation unless it's something I truly have a lot to say about like religion in general but not about being religious more about why religion is how it is.
So generally talking to a girl ends up going like this.
Me: hi there its nice to see you again
Her: oh you too
Me: so how have you've been
Her: good good
Me : well anything interesting happen to you lately
Her: nope
Basically you get the point it's sad and dry talking. Which leads to me ending up avoiding the person because it hurts even thinking about having another conversation like that. That too it always happens with every girl like they have nothing going on in their life. So yeah that's my dilemma any advice will be graciously accepted or rejected depends on the information.


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  • well, you should have followed up another question.. but if it still doesn't work let it be it means that person isn't interested in talking to you

    • Ask question if she show no interest by at least the second question you already know she has no interest

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  • Simple rough guide to dating
    - Be positive
    - use open ended questions
    - talk about her and her interests

    • Smile a lot ask questions that can't be answered with yes or no and elaborate on her

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    • Well I can't say I haven't tried it but I do believe I might be ugly so it might not work as well for me

    • known fact that a person will always believe they are uglier than they actually are... so there's that and some confidence wouldn't hurt

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