Do I just wait? Advice?

I have this dating app, and this past summer, I met up with this guy, "Adam". We went out for dinner, ended up having sex on the first date, and continued to do this for about a month. I felt conflicted with my feelings, and asked him if he wanted a relationship. He said he didn't want anything serious, and at the time, I wanted something serious, so ultimately, I ended things with him.

Last week, we reconnected, and shortly after what I had thought I was dating a nice genuine guy, "George". Anyways, I reconnected with "Adam", met up for coffee, and had sex. He thought it was a hookup, but I said I didn't see it as a hookup. He says he needs time to think about seeing each other casually again. He is currently out of state for the holidays, and doesn't come back till next year. I'm not sure what to do at this point, do I just wait for him?
Do I just wait? Advice?
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