Stupid teenage crush, but I’m an adult. Help?

So, i guess you could say a crush on this guy. We haven’t exactly met in person... but been talking for awhile. I literally just want to talk to him 24/7... i love when we talk on the phone.. my anxiety pushes me away from wanting to meet him... rejection scares me... but we also don’t have the same ‘views’ on relationships... but we get along with everything else, always have great conversations, we talk about any and everything.
But, I’m like a full grown adult, but i feel like I’m in elementary school crushing on a classmate I’m afraid to talk to.



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  • Do what makes you happy. If talking with this guy makes you happy even if you feel like ots elementary-ish then do it. Who cares what peoplw think. And no need to rush to him. If you are scared of rejection wait untill you're over that feeling to meet him.

    • Well it just sucks. It’s gotten to the point like when we don’t talk, I’m sad. And from all my previous relationships, i feel like i did something wrong therefore he doesn’t wanna talk... most of the time it seems like that is wrong..: but it’s an automatic thought i have and i hate it...

      I’m also afraid that if i wait too long, he will disappear, or give up...

    • Well then its better to do/say something when you have the chance if you are afraid you might lose him you better speak now. Ask him to meet up and then ask him if he's ready to take things to the next level. All or nothing. Ask him what he wants and do it. Getting to know someones is all about compromise.

    • I can’t ask him to meet up cause he’s now 1,000+ miles away. And after a week of him ghosting me, he texted me apologizing twice for disappearing, but said he got sick and was in and out of the hospital. But then he disappeared again for over a week now and i haven’t heard anything from him... i had replied to his I’m sorry text, asked him if i could ask him a question. And poof gone

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