Abuse Questions. { TRIGGER WARNING}?

Hello! Back with some crazy, personal questions for my writing haha. Okay, so the topic is abuse. Guys and girls are more than welcome to answer, I will adress if something is specific for a certain gender.

(Also, you are more than welcome to vent about personal experiences. Just let it all out and be open. I'd love to listen.) This is a very sensitive topic so I added a trigger warning at the top. Thank you in advance!

1) Are you usually a calm person? Patient? Level headed?

2) Guys: What would you do if you found out your female friend/relative is in an abusive relationship? (If this happened, describe everything that happened)

3) Guys: If your female friend being abused infront of You? (If this happened, describe everything that happened)

4) Guys: (if this applies to you) What signs did you notice that she was being abused? Her behavior? Was she more closed off, defensive, anxious, etc?

5) How did she react when confronted?

6) Girls: If you were previously in an abusive relationship, how did it make you feel? What persuaded you to stay? Or what made you feel like you had to?

7) Girls: How did he act around other people? How did he act if he was confronted? Did he get defensive or anything of the sort?

8) Girls: How did the abuse start? How did it build up? Was it just an "accident" that happened to build up?

Ugh I want to ask more questions but I can't think of what exactly I'm trying to ask. 🤦 if you want to add anything, you're more than welcome to. The more information, the better. If I have more questions I'll just update.

If you or someone you loved was in a abusive relationship, I deeply apologize and I sincerely hope you are getting better. You did not deserve it.

You are more than welcome to answer these anonymously. You are also more than welcome to just vent. Write a long paragraph if you need to. Or message me. I just feel awful for people who had to go through those things.
Abuse Questions. { TRIGGER WARNING}?
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