Why after just breaking up two weeks ago do I have a crush on someone?

After a six month relationship ended I some how got a crush on a newer female friend. Is it just my heart wanting love again and looking for it where ever or could it be something more? Cause I kind of want to try and ask her out.


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  • Your problem does include wanting love again, but it might also be that you didn't truly love your six month relationship partner. I don't know how your relationship ended but that might be a reason!


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  • Whenever I get out of a relationship I feel like a casual observer, not quite present 100%, when it comes to engaging with other girls, but what I seek is validation I’m still attracting them. It took me awhile to know that about myself but think it’s normal but people just don’t like to admit it. The shitty thing is it leads to sex usually, and it’s not a good combo; not being present and just wanting to feel wanted. I think it’s good to allow yourself some time and challenge yourself to not needing someone else’s lust/romantic energy to fill in a void. The reason being is you will jump from one shitty relationship to another most likely, and not see all the opportunities ahead of you


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