What is the best way to meet a women?

Thinking about trying some dating apps, done tinder but bot really for 'dating', and was wondering what some girls or guys think is the best.


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  • The best way is to approach one you are interested in during the day. Even better, during the later part of the week (Thursday is the best day because it’s less stressful, weeks almost over and you can have her think of you Friday and wait for your call or text but do it Saturday afternoon). These differences; day of the week or daytime are actually important, timing is huge. The reason why you want to approach her in the daytime is because she will remember you and you will stand out from the crowd. Women get hit on lots and lots at night but not in the day so often, in a charming way by a gentleman and that is what they all really want


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  • I think the best way to meet someone is by doing things you enjoy. You'll meet people who also enjoy similar activities, make friends, and might find a mate. Don't be in a hurry. I never met anyone when I was looking.

  • Universities and parks

    • Im at uni. I have met like a lot of girls but non for like a real relationship. Also who meets a girl in a park... Surely that's weird.

    • Well I've got many that way... and my current one we met in the lib😂

  • Same question here


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