Is tinder a good idea?

I tried tinder a long time ago, never got into it. My recently dumped friend from a 5+ year MARRIAGE gets on tinder a few hard and sad months after the breakup and basically finds instant success of someone awesome for him that can only be described as a serendipity moment (super happy for him that he's feeling better but a little jealous). Should I give it another chance or is it as bad as everybody says it is? Does it say that I'm desperate? It probably does doesn't it?


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  • You can always try. I wouldn't say that this is the best way to go about dating or finding someone, but sometimes it gets you somewhere i guess.

  • I don’t think it’s bad. The reality is all those profiles are people, and if you connect (I recommend moving off Tinder to a different method of communicating ASAP with someone you are interested in), then you meet at which point it’s over, that’s how I see it. Tinder doesn’t dictate or indicate anything after meeting and you get to meet people you would of never run across.
    However, if you are the type of guy (or your friend) who is rebounding and tends to go from one long term relationship to another, I would really challenge yourself to meet at least a half dozen girls before getting all serious with any of them, for your own sake in breaking that pattern

    • Good thoughts. I just always found tinder or any dating site in general kind of embarrassing to admit using. But I guess it's become normal and shouldn't be something to be ashamed about

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    • What usually follows? You mean it’s got a reputation as a “hook up site?”
      Well, it deserves that reputation to some degree but that’s simply because two people are going to do, what they do, anyways. It wasn’t Tinder that made them hook up but don’t think all girls on Tinder are hooking up all the time, or that’s why they are on there, if a girl hooks up with you after meeting on Tinder it’s because she is glad she met you and wants to have sex with you. Not rocket science

    • Interesting. Naw just most people I know referred to it as such. A hook up sort of thing. Never really experienced it first hand but I might give it a shot. Thanks. Definitely changed my opinion on this matter, which if what I was hoping would happen

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