How do I stop thinking about stupid stuff?

I am dating someone who is special to me and want her to be special to me so much, all I can think about is us, now and future. I showed my friend some of messages with her and he told me I was crazy to write those stupid stuff, I see that I worry about stupid stuff too much and try to find a problem where there obviously isn't one. Everyday I find something new to worry about. I am crazy about her and all I can think about is where is she now, who was that guy she was hanging out, is she to young for me? Does she understand me and will she be always this caring? What if she leaves when things get rough?

I know I am not the smartest and make mistakes. I think I know everything, but the more I think the more realize I don't know shit. I have a low level of confidence and self respect, always think about stuff twice or three times or more before making a decision. I am also a very honest person and always try to say. what I think. I am also kind of a pessimistic, but consider myself realistic.

Does anyone have any advice? How do I stop worrying about us so much. I really like her and have a good feeling about her and with her, but ruin that feeling because I'm overthinking


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  • I’m the exact same. Over thinker, I haven’t found a solution. Drives me nuts, then I worry about worrying lol


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  • I think you are placing all your value on this girl once you understand that you are as valuable as her you will stop over thinking, start a hobby focus on your job/uni when you are doing something stay focused on what you are doing, develop yourself, if you make these sacrifices early on years down the track, sure you might get married but you will have this underlying resentment against her, sure you love her but you'll keep thinking, what if, what if i focused on my career instead, what if I chose to follow that dream, the fact is you can do both, sharing a life doesn't mean sacfricing it, know your worth

    • You are right. I go to college, I play basketball, I hang out with friends, but always think about her and good times we are having. It is just that she is something that I never had, and what I was craving for a long time. I guess I am more afraid to love, than just - make, do and live love.

      I should focus on myself a little better because without me, there is no me and her, there is just her, and I am not going to let that happen.

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  • Stop thinking about it.


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  • Focus on a purpose and carve a life for yourself as your own man, independent of any woman and let her be a great addition to your incredible life rather than the sole focus of it.

    I mean do you really want to be putting all your eggs in a basket that goes off to Vegas one weekend for a bachelorette party only to get wasted and make scrambled eggs for the entire back line of your favourite football team. Do you?

    I didn't think so.


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