Should I tell her how I feel even though she has a boyfriend?

There's this girl in my workplace and we started talking a lot with one another & i started to like her so the other day I was just thinking to ask her to be my girlfriend but then she told me about her boyfriend. I didn't know she had a boyfriend earlier otherwise I wouldn't have gotten so close to her but I'm in a dilemma right now whether I should tell her that I like her or just let it go since there's isn't any future. I know that I should have found about the boyfriend stuff earlier but in the beginning I had no feelings about her so I didn't care about that but things are totally different in terms of my feeling now.
So what should I do? Thanks in advance


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  • For now don't tell her about that, she will notice herself if she didn't notice untill now. Keep chatting and try to fins out about her relationship. Become her best friend but also behave like a getleman. Let her see a man in you not only a friend. Maybe things aren't going smooth there so wait a bit more and see. If her relationship is perfectly fine then you understand you can not have anything. But untill then just be close to her.


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  • Just tell her and leave it at that


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