Is my boyfriend being over dramatic or am I in the wrong?

Ok everyone, so I have a dilemma that I need help solving. This past weekend my boyfriend accidentally broke in the couch that belonged to my roommate. She was visibly upset (which she has every right to be). My boyfriend tried to play it down in the beginning with comments such as "it is not that bad" and "it is still usable so I don't know why she is so upset". I felt very disappointed in his lack of caring regarding this situation. Me and my roommate already had issues and this made things add even more tension between us. When I asked how he plans on fixing the situation, his first words were "well I am not trying to spend any money on this"... RED FLAG! When you mess up someones property, you replace it. No excuses. That is not the main problem. Since then, It led to a huge argument in which I resorted to calling him some pretty bad names due to my frustration with how he was approaching it. He was ignoring my texts and phone calls until he eventually answered and said he does not want to discuss this with me. I sent him a long message in which I called him a bitch and trash. He took these insults to heart and says that we can never be cool again. My question is am I in the wrong or is he just being dramatic. Mind you everyone, this is our first big argument. My roommate also threatened to call the cops on me if this was not resolved which lead me to lash out the way I did.
Is my boyfriend being over dramatic or am I in the wrong?
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