Is my boyfriend being over dramatic or am I in the wrong?

Ok everyone, so I have a dilemma that I need help solving. This past weekend my boyfriend accidentally broke in the couch that belonged to my roommate. She was visibly upset (which she has every right to be). My boyfriend tried to play it down in the beginning with comments such as "it is not that bad" and "it is still usable so I don't know why she is so upset". I felt very disappointed in his lack of caring regarding this situation. Me and my roommate already had issues and this made things add even more tension between us. When I asked how he plans on fixing the situation, his first words were "well I am not trying to spend any money on this"... RED FLAG! When you mess up someones property, you replace it. No excuses. That is not the main problem. Since then, It led to a huge argument in which I resorted to calling him some pretty bad names due to my frustration with how he was approaching it. He was ignoring my texts and phone calls until he eventually answered and said he does not want to discuss this with me. I sent him a long message in which I called him a bitch and trash. He took these insults to heart and says that we can never be cool again. My question is am I in the wrong or is he just being dramatic. Mind you everyone, this is our first big argument. My roommate also threatened to call the cops on me if this was not resolved which lead me to lash out the way I did.


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  • You took it too far calling him names. Yes he is a jerk for not paying for the damages. He is at fault for that, but you should let him and the owner of the property take care of the situation all you can do is relay the messages. Your friend has every right to take him to claims court and get the money.

    • That is the problem. I am the one that is getting all of the heat from this. It has been negative energy thrown towards me for something I did not do. I can see how I was childish for the name calling however.

    • it's called guilty by association, sucks big time, but don't let it get to you. You know the deal and you just do what you can and no more.

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  • Yeah he is wrong for breaking her property, downplaying it, and not offering to replace it. Although, you're also in the wrong for resorting to calling him names.


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  • Way too much drama from everyone involved and he is wrong for not repairing or replacing what he has broken.

  • Ohhhhh shit!!!😫😫 Way tooooo much drama involved. by the way your frnd is indeed rght, he should pay for the damages incurred.
    Hi is really an Idiot... He should pay for the damages... And of course you are in a bit of trouble cause of him since she threatened to call the cops...
    Anyways you did took the situation a bit far by saying a few things which PROBABLY you shouldn't have said...
    Try to cool thungs down a bit and ya lastly he SHOULD PAY FOR THE DAMAGES!!!

  • I don't think calling him the names helped at all. However you have every right to be angry at him. If he can't man up and do the right thing I would leave him and make sure if your room mate calls the cops they go for your boyfriend since it was his fault.

  • Your roommate seems to be overreacting and as I can see, you are the only rational person in the trio.

    Boyfriend should offer to pay the damage or at least show remorse if he is too poor to do so.

  • You do right and he should repair or replace it with the new one

  • You’re a bitch. And your boyfriend is an asshole.

    You seem to think you’re entitled to him no matter how poorly you treat him.

    He won’t provide reimbursement for property damage, even when it’s his fault.

    • Never once thought that I was entitled to him. Thanks for the opinion

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    • Well, buddy, whereas you decided to vent your displeasure on your boyfriend, if my roommate threatens to call the cops on me and I’m getting pissed off at the situation, I’d vent my rage on them! Even if they called the cops on me, they can’t do jack shit. It’s their word vs mine or my partner’s.

      Roommates are expendable. I’m not going to take shit for something that’s not my fault.

      “I also feel like I have thicker skin than most people”. “due to my frustration”...”lash out”. Get real. You don’t have “thicker skin” than anybody. I’ve seen my 16 year old cousin take his friend smashing his expensive and much loved gaming computer better than you took your roommate’s couch getting broken. A little pressure and you broke like a baby pony.

    • good for your him. You must feel proud. I will start to take things from different perspectives a little more maturely

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