What do women desire most in a guy?

  • A big brain
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  • A big heart
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  • A big dick
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  • A big wallet
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  • Big wallet


Most Helpful Guy

  • Do yourself a favor for God's sake and just be your damn self, treat her tenderly and make her feel loved and wanted, make her feel like a lady, and build a good future that would make her feel safe living with you!

    JUST be yourself, et voilà! She's yours!

    • But being myself with a girl hasn’t gotten me anywhere

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    • @SportsFan78 It's ok, my friend...

      You'll be able to do it, just give yourself a break and let her take her time, and you take your time...

      True love never sparks up immediately, it is best prepared slowly and tenderly!

      It works this way, the slower it grows, the more tender and genuine it becomes!

      You are never unloved! Just give yourself a break and don't stress out, learn to love yourself first and take yourself on dates till you genuinely love yourself and have confidence in yourself...

      Women are greatly attracted to accomplished men who love themselves and trust in their skills and abilities and are content with themselves

    • I don’t know how to attract a girl

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  • Don't be chasing around that if some one wants to come they will come.

  • All of the above is needed these days lmao

  • To Many, loyalty and trust.


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