Am I wrong for feeling this way?

so my ex boyfriend got me pregnant and I am having an abortion , well he has been there for me for almost the whole situation but I’m kinda mad at this but I kinda understand I just think it’s rude. Well we had a day planned out together for Christmas (Friday) because Friday he had a half day at work then he would be able to go be with his family till the 26 th which is fine. But now he moves it till Thursday when he comes back from work to come here which leaves us no time. He would come at 5 pm then leave at 7 am and I just think it’s rushed. He wants to go see his family. He always blows me off on meaningful things. He did this on our trip too on the last day and we had to cancel our last day just so he can rush over. Doesn’t want to spend New Years with me , I just think when you have something planned with someone and you cancel on the person you had something set up first I think it’s rude. But he said family comes first. But I don't know


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  • Well, he is your ex and you'll no longer be caring his child and maybe he is seeing that any obligation will soon be disappearing all together for him to try.

  • What's the root problem?

    • He keeps replacing plans with his family and canceling ours

    • If you did that, what would the reason be?

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