He says he doesn't want to see/date people anymore but still asked me out for coffee?

Met this guy online we hit it off had amazing conversations and he would talk about all the future a lot and how he plans on making memories with me in 2018. We spoke daily by the way and all through the day but one day he disappeared and even deleted all his dating profiles and didn't contact me for 9 days.. which was unlike him. I decided to contact him just for closure to see if he was ok. He responded 2 seconds later to the text and apologised and said he is going through stuff and feeling lost in life hates his job and finds life literally depressing lately and wasn't interested in meeting people till he got himself sorted. I said fair enough we continued talking through the day about random stuff till out of no where he asked me out for coffee and i said thought you were not for meering people he said yes he is not but feels he will regret not meeting me. My question actually is should I meet him and give it a chance or should I let him go?


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  • He's broken. Move on. You can't fix this, and it won't turn out like you would want or hope.
    And you can't forge a relationship with 'conversations' - it means something to actually SEE them. So if you want to get a real read on the guy meet for coffee and decide if he's worth DATING or not.

  • let him go if his mood changes that often you'll find yourself in danger sooner or later


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