Why am I always rejected by those I have a crush on?

Ever since I got into the dating realm (2-3 years ago), I always fall for girls who don't return my interest. Not that I know that until I ask them out. Why might I always misinterpret their signs?

Also is this normal? Is it normal for guys to get rejected a bunch of times?

More about me -

I'm decent looking, have a good sense of fashion, and I know I'm a good person with an interesting personality. I'm incredibly passionate about things and confident about everything except dating (bc of my track record).

I tend to fall for girls who I am already friends with. But I only fall for them when I think they're also displaying interest in something more. I usually let it build up over a while before asking them out and being rejected.


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  • Being 18 is too early.. other girls are still unsure of things.. and guys.. i had to wait till i was 23 to find my girlfriend


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  • you are attracted to girls above your league. if the girls you like are 8s and 9s, and you're not an 8 or a 9, it's gonna be hard to get them. you describe yourself as "decent looking", but are the girls better or worse looking?

  • i get you


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