What does he mean?

Long story but short! I have met this guy 3 years ago and we have texted each other for about 2 months but we never dating. He’s always sent me messages on Facebook and my phone to asked me out but I never reply until I broke up with my ex, I did reply to him couple weeks ago so he asked me a chance to prove that he really likes me. We are dating for 2 weeks, everything happened very fast so he asked me to move in and planned about our future but I told him to slow down. He asked me to commit to him so I did. He’s a bit jealous and controlling. I haven’t met him for 2 days as I just want to spend time on myself but we still talked and today he sent me a message that he’s trying to sort out feelings about us so I have no clue what’s going on as he was the one who crazy about everything and want to move forward to next step. I texted him that it’s okay but at least Can I get my stuff back but he’s never reply. What should I do? give him space to sort things out or move on?


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  • Tell him that u need some time and space in a good way


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  • You messed up by leading him on.

    • What do you mean? I gave him a chance and committed to him

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    • Oh yeah, you can get that stuff back, especially the laptop. Hopefully you locked it with a solid password. If he doesn't get back to you in a few days, report him. That's essentially theft and you can describe the files on the computer, what it looks like and the desktop picture, etc.

    • Okay, thanks

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