What do you think of 1ft or more height difference in couples?


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  • My boyfriend is a little over a foot taller than me and I really like it.

    • What is it that you like? I've only ever dated girls close to my height and now im 13 inches over the girl i like. Just curious what details you like about it

    • That's about the difference between him and I. I really like it because he can help me reach things lol. The only downside really is that unless we are sitting I can't just kiss him lol. He likes the height difference because when we cuddle he can hold me easier and because I'm also skinny it's even easier for me to sit on his lap or for him to carry me. Also it usually looks cute when there's a tall guy and a short girl together.

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  • I’m almost a foot difference in height and I love it. It’s the perfect height for snuggling and good hugs


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  • If the boy is the one taller that would seem normal but if it were the girl it would be strange to see but I like seeing people breaking societal norms so I would wish them well


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