Why am I cursed?

My first girlfriend cheated on minute with my best friend. My ex- wife cheated on me with some guy she met at a concert. And the only person I've dated since my divorce stole my wallet and racked up 400 dollars on my credit card before conveniently returning my wallet. So I ask again.. am I cursed? Or what am I doing wrong?


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  • Maybe you are looking in the wrong places brother. Ask yourself, what characteristics are you looking for in a women? Or are you solely looking for appearances?

    Character and values matter bro, make sure you see their character for long term or dating period.

    • None of them were above 8s in today's society... but I could see them for what was inside too... that is until their insides became ugly.

  • How did you find out both cheated on you?

    • My best friend was my college roommate... and my ex-wife wad stupid enough to do it while she thought I was asleep I the next room

    • you're not cursed. Learn from it if possible. Find a good lady, plenty about. You will look back and be glad it all happened.

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