Will this girl flake on me?

Hey there people,

I really like a girl at work, I've known her for several months now. Since she gave me mixed signals I was not sure if she was into me but decided to ask her out anyways and she said yes.

Obviously I was excited about it but the date cannot happen for at least 2 weeks because she's going back to her hometown (holiday), which is quite a long drive.

It has been 2 days now and I've messaged her one time (not to look too desperate) to ask if she arrived and she told me 'not yet'. Before we would also sometimes talk but she never really engages into conversation, it's always short talk or some things she needs to know, which is also the reason why I did not know if she would actually like me.

Now I'm not saying she should be in love with me already and message me the whole day but you would think she would at least tell me she arrived safely etc.

I've dealt with girls who flaked on me before but I met these girls online. On the internet you can read a lot about flaking girls but in most cases the guy meets them on the street, in a pub or online.

What I want to know is how likely is this girl to flake on me if I see her on a daily basis and she knows me pretty well?


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  • its common for girls to flake out on guys , you need to keep that in mind , that your not alone in dealing with this

    • That I do know. However, do they still flake even though you are seeing each other daily? A girl knows you will not see her if you just shared numbers or met online. This girl will see me at work.

    • I don't know maybe less likely but she can still flake out if she wants to

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