How do I act around a psychopath?

He's my boyfriend...
Okay, so this is a long story but I'm going to shorten it as much as I can.
Today he actually told me that he's not sure if our relationship is working and admitted to being a psychopath. He also told me a few other things of which I was shocked to find out. Such as, he uses drugs and drinks regularly and he's not a virgin. He's 17 by the way.
I was honestly devastated to hear all of this, but he said that I wasn't the problem and that I'm the perfect girlfriend. I want to believe that he cares about me and he said that he's trying, but I'm not sure. We decided to stay together but take things slowly and get to know the real him. I really do care about him and I will do anything to keep us together. Please help.
How do I act around a psychopath?
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