How do I act around a psychopath?

He's my boyfriend...
Okay, so this is a long story but I'm going to shorten it as much as I can.
Today he actually told me that he's not sure if our relationship is working and admitted to being a psychopath. He also told me a few other things of which I was shocked to find out. Such as, he uses drugs and drinks regularly and he's not a virgin. He's 17 by the way.
I was honestly devastated to hear all of this, but he said that I wasn't the problem and that I'm the perfect girlfriend. I want to believe that he cares about me and he said that he's trying, but I'm not sure. We decided to stay together but take things slowly and get to know the real him. I really do care about him and I will do anything to keep us together. Please help.


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  • Same way you've always acted tbh. Without emotions he's a bit more logical so try to listen to what he's saying more intently but, don't change yourself all that much or you're being dishonest to yourself in the relationship, which doesn't help anyone.


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  • You have my attention!
    First of all psychopaths are not all violent. Thats important to note! But 16-17 Is the time when they if they are going to go off the rails they do so
    Secondly I have some questions for you as I think we need to establish some more details I can definitely help you I just need to understand more because there are some irregularities in what you are saying I need to work out if he is trying to impress you or telling the truth. Please answer the following best you can:
    How long have you been going out?
    Has he had other girlfriends before you if so ball park figure of how many?
    Does he have friends and do you consider him to be emotional in any way?
    Do you think he has an Inability to feel remorse, guilt, or sorrow for his's actions?
    Does he care about his and others safety?
    Is he Superficially charming and manipulative?
    Does he lie alot?
    Compulsive behavior and poor judgment?
    Is he generally intelligent?

    • We have been dating for one month.
      Im his third girlfriend.
      He mostly had acquaintances but a few friends
      He's never emotional
      Im not entirely sure about the rest

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    • My gut feeling is that he is lying to try and impress you. (Girls like bad boys etc)
      Psychopaths don't tend to have multiple girlfriends by 20. They also classically don't tell people their Psychopaths. And a boy lying to say he has had sex to a girl in order to have sex with her is the oldest trick in the book. So to me he sound like a lier and a bit of a terd. Should find someone better.

      If think her telling the truth then there are a lot of holes in his story but if and its best if you leave him anyway. Psychopaths are often non violent but when they are there is no warning and the violence is disproportionate.

    • If you ignor the advice and stay with him I think is best if you
      Still watch out for signs of:

      Lack of remorse and compassion!
      lying and Manipulation!
      bad judgement*

      If you see these if you see two out if the three I have * or I
      Either of the !'s

      Get out!
      17 is the time when they will get people hurt, arrested or killed.

      All in all Not worth it in general!

      Hope that helped

  • If he is telling you he is a psychopath then he most likely isn't.

    • He was diagnosed

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    • Ah I see.

    • I only doubt him because psychopaths are generally... well a lot of things but pathological liars are one trait and the inability to care about others feelings is another and he was trying to reassure you that you are a perfect girlfriend, that its all on him... it seems polar opposite of the way a paychopaths brain works.

  • He's probably not a psychopath. Who diagnosed him?

  • Care about yourself 😏 he won't

  • He could easily be lying, trying to find an excuse for any addictions he may have. Sounds like he has a good heart but other than that... Sorry if I gave you useless advice but yeah, it just doesn't seem legit and didn't you already ask this question?


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