At home or Far Away?

My boyfriend and I are having our 3rd date and I was wondering if it was too soon for him to meet my sisters. He’s already met my brother and they’re good friends. I just don’t know if it’s too soon?


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  • If he's your 'boyfriend', but the only time you hang out is on designated dates the yeah I'd say it's too soon. But otherwise it doesn't matter, go ahead. (Try to describe boyfriend, your relationship, better)

    • We see each other at school and stuff but we only have been proper alone twice

    • It should be fine, I mean your age and athe age of your sisters come into play but I shouldn't ask anyway. If it's under a casual atmosphere then its fine, if he seems enthusiastic about it then go ahead but don't just dump it on him like bring them to your date. Bottom line is that you should casually ask if he would like to meet your sisters, or something along the lines of that. Just play it casual

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