Do women need to make guys put in a lot of work if they want to date?

I have the worst luck with men. I'm not easy and I've learned how to avoid player behavior but I still keep running into assholes. Lately I've been putting guys through hell just to get to know me. I'm tougher on them when they do dumb shit and I raised expectations a lot. If they don't meet them or do/say something I don't like I pull back immediately and make them work to get my attention again.

Nothing still hasn't worked but I've noticed it's because I'm unsatisfied by these men and their behavior rather than them trying to run game on me. And I find myself happier and not stressed by fuck boys

Is this the way to find someone? I know some guys have told me I'm too much but they have to understand waaay to many of their species has fucked it up to the point where you can't be nice and open like that! They have to earn it.

What do you think?


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  • Well you're definitely pushing away some great guys, but as for the main heart of your question; what are you doing in your life that would encourage "nesting" type guys to meet you? If you're one of those girls who likes to go out clubbing and partying, why would a good guy want to approach you at a party? What makes you so special?

    • I don't go clubbing or partying. I haven't been in a while. most of my time is spent at work, school, the gym or with family.

    • Then start going to special interest clubs at your school or something.

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  • I’d say yes. No one likes something easily accessible.


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  • Yeah you're too hard on guys, it took a year for me to get this one girl and then yesterday I found out she was cheating on me with her ex, I'm pretty sure just because of that I'm done dating for a long time

    • Sounds like she wasn't shit.

    • Well she definitely didn't have the looks but I liked her personality

  • As a male, who's actually been on the opposite side of this, I find the whole premise ridiculous. Guys will genuinely put forth more effort if they like you. Doing this will deter since individuals because they'll just walk away when they realize that you're 'playing games' with them

    • Yeah you're right. it's just super frustrating when everyone so far is wasting my time

    • It sucks when you're actively looking for something, but nothing turns out. Focus on working on your own life, especially if you're, as you say, getting frustrated with this, because at least you can see progress there

  • If you’re going for fuckboys you’re gonna get screwed either way. Your fault

    • It's not intentional. I just got for who I find attractive and then get to know them.

    • That makes it sound like you just walk up to people you find physically attractive and start asking them out. What could go wrong with this approach? 🤔

    • @yousir No I dont approach. It's the guys who approach me

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