Girls, In dire need of some advice, can anyone give me some suggestions?

I have been in love with my best friend ever since October 2016. She is so funny, gorgeous, talented, intelligent and understanding and is just fun to be around. When we hang out it is nice we just spend most of the time laughing at some stupid thing one of us is doing, and her family loves me and I love her family. A few months ago, I told her that I "used to" like her and she told me that she used to like me too. I want to tell her so bad but there is so much at stake here, she is my best friend and the woman I love. We are both Juniors in high school and I know that when we graduate, there is a high chance that we won't be close. And I can't lose her. So my question is, do I: (A) Keep my feelings hidden for the next one and a half years and then probably lose her forever or do I (B) Tell her that I love her and risk losing an extra 1.5 years with her? If anyone has any other suggestions I will gladly listen to them.


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  • Keep her close, keep the feeling flowing and when you feel more comfortable, tell her!! See how she reacts to other guys around, check for signs.. she probably likes you too and said she "used to have feelings" cause you said it first and she got scared or something.

    • However we are such good friends... she tells me about all the guys she's talking to. And I like to hear her problems but it's killing me on the inside.

    • That's sad :(( not very healthy. Maybe you should talk to her. I also tend to keep things to myself and I know it hurts.

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  • I'd say wait for some time, see if her behavior changes, heck, maybe she'll tell you first that she likes you if that's the case. But definitely make a move some day, otherwise you'll never know what could happen. So maybe tell her next year?

  • A man who risks nothing, gains nothing, has nothing, and ultimately becomes nothing.


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