How do you tell a guy you like him?

There is this guy I like and sometimes I feel like he likes me back but I'm not sure.

We were texting today and he randomly said "hey... can I ask you something?" I said he could and he said; " Do you like me? Cameron said you do but I don't think so"

I really wanted to say that i did but i didn't want to get hurt and he was at the gym with his friends so that would have made it worse.

I want to tell him that I like him tomorrow, what should i say and what could i expect to happen?


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  • He asked u in text. U should reply him in text. He too is feared of rejection thats y he asked u first in an indrect way whether u liked him or not. So i think he won't hurt u. If u feel of getting hurt, u can say " i like you... but as a friend ". meanwhile u can text him that u like him.


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  • Pull him aside and say yes I do like you and if you have a problem with that get over it.


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  • Send him a buttocks pic

  • You call him, and you tell him that you like him.


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