What should I do?

My guy best friend likes me and I don’t know what to do.

My group of friends are a group of three people. Me, (G) and (B)-boy
G told me that B likes me, and that she’s upset cuz she thinks we might leave her for eachother.
I don’t like B, and she’s well aware, but he still tries to hangout with me more, and only talks about me when I’m not around.

I don’t like B, and I don’t want to lead him on, but at the same time I still enjoy hanging it with him because he’s my best friend.
He dosent even know that I know he likes me.

what do I do?
(I’m sorry if this is confusing)


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  • With guys, be upfront and straight. No beating around the bush. If you give hints, you get hints so straightfoward is the best route.

    In my experience, only one friendship really broke apart because of this sort of thing. All others, we were able to get along as friends.

    Be confident in what you want and leave this issue on good terms. In the end, if you were true blue friends, you guys should be able to return to normal over time. If not... hey, sometimes you need to put your foot down and stand up for what you want.


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  • Tell him the truth, that you know and that you are an honest person and don't like stringing someone along.

    • Then he might feel awkward when he hangs out with me

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  • Two choices. Let it remain the way it is now, or take a risk and talk to him about it. You don't like him so he will be upset but things will change (unless he only has a small crush on you) if you turn him down. Things might not turn out for the worse, don't get it twisted, but it's really up to you. Keep things the way are now, or take a risk.

  • nothing to do. just continue your friendship. suppose if some day B tell you i love you (that is you). then you tell her, "listen B we are just friends. i have not seen you as boyfriend. i can not imagine you as my boyfriend as we are friends. I dont want to spoil our relationship."

  • that's really confusing. it will be tough to keep your friends together. another girl will be hurt and she will separate herself if you go with that guy

  • Friendzone him fast..


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