What reasons would you back out a date YOU asked for?

Im aquaintenced with a guy and we hung out only twice, in a group. He got my number and then asked me for a coffee date the same day. But bailed 2 days before saying he had to do something important (he told me what it was and it seemed a legit excuse). I believed it even though I questioned why he didn't just move the time. Anyway i found out he was chilling the time we were supposed to meet. Im so confused. He asked for it not me.


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  • Might be a time lapse thing. Meaning he doesn't know how long that other thing might take. So he saved himself from making another possible reschedule. Did he reschedule the date? If not yes not interested anymore or he's not serious at all.

  • Work at the same time or around that time. I rather not go than be 30min late or more


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