How to respond to guy who disappeared on you?

Online dating... we were taking and texting. We admitted we liked each other, and wanted more than sex. Our first date was suppose to be Monday, but by Thursday last week he didn’t text as much. On Friday for some weird reason he asked if i was ignoring him... I obviously wasn’t.. I told him I liked him and I didn’t want to bug. He doesn’t respond. Then I text him the next day with a good morning text and he doesn’t respond. I wait till Monday, the day of our date to ask if it’s still going to happen, no response. I leave it at that because I basically get the point... that he’s lost interest. Obviously I’m sad cause I really liked/connected with the guy. Well I get a text from him today that ask “where are you?” I haven’t responded, I don’t know what to say or ask. It did hurt when he ghosted me.. but how do I go about this situation? I really do like him still. :/


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  • All I can say is.. If he can't respond a simple text message, he honestly doesn't deserve you. I know you like him but you're being set up for a relationship that's gonna fail so 've he clearly doesn't know communication is big.

    With that being said, nobody can stop you and I truly believe that you should follow your heart. It doesn't seem like he's there to take care of your heart. So no matter what decision you make, think of yourself first. What'll be best for you? Being with someone to support you, or being with someone you find cute...


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  • Never trust people online..


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  • Well I suggest you to just ask him why he is not texting you for so many days and why suddenly message you back and see what he respond to your question ask what ever is in your mind so if it will be end of that you will be happy cause you will know all the reason which will not lead you to depression

  • That's odd. Any possibility something happened to the phone? Get him on voice and figure it out

  • Ask if he really wants to meet you or just stay anonymous? There are guys who online prefer chatting and texting


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