Is he still into his ex?

I was set up with my friends SO’s buddy. We met about 1.5 months ago. The issue is, upon finding out, my friend told me he likes about every other picture his ex has posted. They broke up in early October. I do know she broke up with him and shortly tried to reconcile, he said no, but then later told her he was struggling with the breakup and she said she was too. Also, they had also discussed marriage.

It wasn’t until recently that my friend’s SO really spilled the beans about their breakup- none of which my friend knew prior to setting me up. So apparently after he turned her away he was blowing up her phone saying stuff like the breakup really messed with him, how he wanted to stay but couldn’t. Then a little later the I’m having a hard time message followed. Also, my friend is under the impression that he tried to make her jealous (I don’t agree). He snapped a video of his food and then showed the girl he was on a date then posted it on social media. This was a few weeks after telling her that he was struggling. Not quite sure showing off your date on social media means you're trying to make someone jealous though.

She said she was hurt but loved him enough to be happy for him to be moving on. He replied with a “?” and she said your video that you posted. He told her how he loved her very much but they just argued a lot. Then sent her another message saying it’s not wise to give out information about what may or may not be going on his dating life. She said she wasn’t asking but wished him all the best. He then liked her picture a few days later and I was told he was looking at her social media. This happened in November. He’s still liking her stuff now.

The anniversary of his mother’s death was this past weekend. I was with him and he had his messages up and I saw he told her, “thanks for the card”. So apparently she sent him some sympathy card or something. I mean if he was still interested in her he would’ve said more than thanks for the card right?
I did see the card (I sneaked a peak 🙈). It was nothing mushy at all. How the mom is proud of the family, stuff like that. She didn’t even sign the card with best or love, just her name.

Yea I’m not sure if she’s still interested. My friend who set us up did mention that she doesn’t look or like her ex’s social media at all. Also when he was blowing her phone she ignored most of the messages.


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  • Wow, this was a long one. Anyways don't take my word for it but maybe you should talk to him about this? That's probably the best advice I could give. If you assume things you might end up making a bad decision. I know this was a lame answer but I think it's just best that you do this. I find talking to people when something seems off is more effective some you can get feedback straight from the other person. But that's just me

  • Uh yeah the showing off of the date was definitely meant for her. He wouldn't have replied like that and such otherwise. He obviously has some deeper issues. I know your position is not one that I would want to be in. Liking all her stuff is odd unless shee is the type that gets massive likes. Definitely seems there is some sort of acting out against her angle with his choices which means he still care about her or he wouldn't feel the need to do anything. Also he isn't ignoring her or trying to get a clean break so that is troublesome for you. The reality is not enough time was in between his relationships and he probably isn't even in a good spot now. Reading this makes u sound like time third wheel of sorts. Does he pay more attention to her soil media or yours?

    • If he was interested wouldn’t he have said more than thanks to the card?

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    • I'm interested to hear your thoughts now haha. How does it throw way more into question on his part and some of his?

    • On her part and some of his*

  • If he is into his ex then let her go "breakup with him"


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