Why everyone thinks you must be push over and very weak if you're nice?

Iam a nice person i respect others boundaries and treat most people I don't know inclusing girls with respect and never cross any lines.
But i can be extremely aggressive if provoked, no one can manipulate me or make me do things, and regarding girls if they evwn think about taking advantage of me or hurting me i will drop them so fast they won't have time to think what just happened.

I noticed on this site if a guy says he is a nice person he is often considered a push over, doormat, weak, worships women and kisses their asses... where do u get all that from? How the word nice males people assume so many things so fast.


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  • because lots of those guys who never get the girl, claiming to be oh so nice are exactly that xD a doormat. a push over... and that's why they end up not getting the girl.

    also consider: if you never cross any lines, you appear boring to lots of girls xD girls want drama.

    • Its easy to appear so tough behind a computer screen and throw big words like " girls want drama" but i dare you to walk up to random girls and cross the lines withem or even better walk up to someone like me and try being a little dick because thats fun... i will punch you so hard u will forget what day it is , if u think being an asshole and insulting people you dont know is fun you're gonna get your ass handed to you so fast

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    • "choose wisely" xD it's not my choice in the end. i can pick and choose all i like, it's no use if they don't want me. the only girls that apparently want me are twice the size of myself... or single mothers.

    • well then why not get laid at least and wait for something serious to come along, from my experience its all about luck, i went out with 2 girls that were foriegners who stayed in my country for over a year, one became my girlfriend, and a third one, who was absolutly gorgeous walked up to me and handed me her number after inviting me over (I had something and couldnt go) , howeve the local girls are hesitant to date me , its not attraction nor me being an ass or too nice, but for some reason the local girls where i live seem to not prefer to date me but are more than happy having me hovering around them.

  • I am sorry dude but here is the truth. Throught time man are responsible to put them self in tension. Tension is character builder and all people are as strong as they are conditioned to sustain tension longer. Being nice is tension killer. Thats why you seem that way to people.


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