Girls attraction?

What are the things that girls are looking from a guy before dating?


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  • Physically? Everyone is different.
    Personality? Everyone is different.
    I'd say that, for me, physically.. I'm looking for someone with a nice smile (and that doesn't mean perfectly white teeth or perfectly straight teeth, that just means a smile I find welcoming and genuine.), I love lines around the eyes that show he smiles and laughs a lot, and I find a little pudge sexy.. I don't like UNHEALTHY weight but I don't like skin and bones either. Personality wise.. Top of the list is someone who can make me laugh. Also, someone who I can tease and someone who is willing to tease me back. I like a man that can take my attitude in stride and make me feel better when I'm feeling down. Basically, what it comes down to is compatibility.. Whether that be someone EXACTLY like you, someone COMPLETELY opposite of you, or anywhere in between.. It really just matters that you genuinely care about each other and that you can communicate effectively with them and be open and honest. :)

    • Are you expecting any sexual behavior from him

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    • Depends on the people. Myself, I don't care for sexual engagement until I'm commited. I'm a slow moving person.. When my current relationship started, we had been friends for four years before we got together. We "dated" for a year before we started to be serious, then we decided to start having sex. Some people can meet a person and start having sex right away but that's not the type of person I am. I believe both ways have potential to be completly happy and healthy.

    • Cool and interesting

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  • Respect towards her yes?,


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