Should I tell my co-worker crush about my feelings or keep suffering, or possible something else?

I have a huge crush to one of my female coworkers, and I would hear your opinions/advices to this situation.

I don't really exactly work with her, but I see her every day, and can't get over this crush. This feeling is sometimes way too much for me, and I think telling her would bring relief to me, but I wouldn't want to create too much akwardness to workplace or bring any burden to her.

So, how would you ladies react if your coworker who you know a little bit, but not really well, who you might not like more than just co-worker would tell you that he has crush on you?

And if she says that I've understood wrong and she doesn't like me at all, I won't be hurt or get any bitter. But I don't want that she would feel too awkward near me, since we might have to work together sometimes.
Oh, forgot to said, there are not company policy about dating co-workers, so company doesn't care.


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  • I will be flattered. If I like him back, I'd be so happy. If I don't feel the same way, I'd still act normal around him. Hey, it's not easy confessing your feelings to someone you know. You gotta give the guy some credit.


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  • Just strike up a convorsation. Ask her out. And if rejected. Then carry on as usual. But be clear that its bad to date with in yojr work. If there is a breakup then thats when it will get awkward.


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