Me and my ex have been texting what do I do?

So after we broke up, we didn’t speak for a bout a week. She started her new job this week, and so I texted her and just told her I hope she enjoys her first day and that I know she will do well and I was excited for her and thinkin about her. She just said thanks and nothing special, we kind of texted throuought the day. Not fighting. A couple thank you texts, a couple haha’s, and a couple smiley faces. At the end of the day she said she hoped I had a good day and thanks for reaching out, I said my day has been great because she was in it. And to sleep well and get some rest. Should I text her again today or kee making contact? Or do I still give her space. What should I say if I were to text her again, would she want that based off talking with me yesterday?


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  • Just act cool, like she's one of the guys

  • Bro, it's simple. Don't text your ex. Never.

    • You’re 14, lookin for a little more educated answer with some life experience. Trying to find my wife here, this isn’t high school for me lol

    • You don't have to judge me by my age. I have had a lot of experience through the years. I mean think about that you are only 4 years older than me. But it's up to you what answer you use for the search of your wife. Good luck in the future.

    • Sorry I meant 6. Pressed the wrong key.

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