What do you like in a guy?

so girls what is ut that makes a quote on quote likable guy. it just. I've spent the last five years failing to get any of my crushes interested in me and i want that to change.(self pity and crying when nobody can see you are starting to get boring ). Now, the problem is i dont knkw what im doing wrong. most huys i know have no problem patting a girl their friends with on the shoukder or just putting their arms around a female classmates shoulders to comfort them. now i can't do these sort of things because i just get super embarrased by evn just grazing them by accident in a hallway. so girls what do yku think? is it this "giving them enough physhical space to fit a submarine in" the problem or is it something else
by the way i lied about my age im 17 so maybe that will help you answer me on how you likes guys to act
What do you like in a guy?
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