Why do nice guys finish last?

I have a friend who is a girl and who has also told me several times she would say no if I asked her out. I asked her why, and she thought about it and couldnt think of a good answer. I have a great personality, everyone likes being around me (including her) I am reasonably handsome, I have a good job, it seems like I'm doing the right things... The last time I asked her and she said no, 2 days later she started dating a guy who is OBVIOUSLY bad for her. Like literally every single person she asked said he is bad for her. I truly do like her and want the best for her, but she won't listen to anything I have to say because she gets all defensive of her new boyfriend. I have asked all my friends if there is anything I should change so girls like me more, and none of them could think of anything I should change. I dont get it, if anyone could help me, I am open to any criticism thank you, it would be appreciated.


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  • Don't change a thing and u will be the right girl
    Girls love nice guys who stand up for themselves be u but don't let noone else use that kindness against just be confident and don't settle for less than what u want

    • Everything you just said is what I am thinking, its just I look around and I see all my friends dating perfectly fine people, and I'm here just like "hey girls, I'm single..."

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    • Ya, I do think he is going to get bored in the relationship and it won't last too long

    • thanks for the MHO

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  • Find a girl who wants and appreciates a nice guy then. My boyfriend is the kindest soul I've ever met and he never tried acting like a douche or a bad guy in front of me and we've got a great relationship.

    • Lucky him with you. ! We need more normal girls nowadays.

    • Congrats, I'll keep my eyes open and hope someone like you falls out of the sky in my general direction. :)

    • Just keep being nice and im sure you'll find someone! Best of luck to you!

  • Because they start off falling for the bad girls that don't want them, and then they wait until the nice girl gave up on them and settled for assholes to finally decide to go for a good girl at the last minute.

  • Usually it has to do with mystery and excitement a lot of us love that. Usually the liking a bad boy phase girls grow out of but not always

    • Well that would be cool if she grows out of it, but so far I dont think she has learned a thing :(

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    • So I guess I just wait then...

    • Just be patient

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  • Nice guys don't finish last most of the time they want someone who is obviously bad for them like in this situation


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