Best way to find the one?

How do you girls prefer to be contacted if someone likes you or wants to learn more about you (like writing on any social media or just starting a conversation face to face ) or don't you like it at all and just think its creepy.

Im just a Bit rusty contacting girls or even Talking to them (im Kind of an introvert i would say, mostly because i Spend 90% of my spare Time alone in Front of my Computer )


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  • There it is 1 you're welcome 🙂

    I'm sorry it was a bad joke... okay for meeting someone on social media, just reply on someone's comment (in a non creepy way), usually it develops to a nice conersation. If it's a long one and the person seems intrested, move to private I guess. Or comment on someone's posts (in a non creepy way again, of course).
    Face to face, I love when guys just decide to sit next to me and say hey to me lol, and how are you is always nice. Confidence and nice smile on the face always does it.
    Just try with nice jokes or something, easy vibes. It always works.

    • Thanks a Lot 👌 i will have to act a little For that because i don't really like having small Talk I don't know why But i never know what to say 🤣

    • You're welcome 🙂 nahh I'm sure it will come to you at some point, I thought the same about myself but found out I was actually... above okay in that 😂 so maybe at first it'll be a little weird, but, I'm sure you'll do find eventually. Good luck 😉

  • If u study together then face to face would be better.
    But if u rarely see each other then social media

  • Best way is to talk about what excites u about life no hi no nothing just talk about what gets on and motivates u I wouldn't imagine any better way to understand and get close to a person


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