Don’t know what I did wrong?

There was this girl I was talking to, but it’s didn't work out. I’m here wondering if I pushed to hard or came off as too needy. At one point she was telling me she really likes me, and one point always said that she liked being around me and talking to me. So eventually I started to really like her and I told her on different occasions how I felt and so forth. In addition, I mentioned why not try. So she asked me to be patient with her. Up to a few days ago we would talk a lot, but since then it hasn’t been the same. We would still text, but its a lot shorter and less frequent. So im here wondering what did I do wrong, I thought everything was mutual. I know along the way there would be somethings I wouldn’t have done or said, but I just felt like I had to say it. Just need some advice.


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  • Ah sometimes it's really difficult to see what you did wrong. In this case, I really don't see what could have went wrong but some people's reaction towards things are strange and they can be hard to understand. Best thing to do is to ask her what happened. She's the only one who can accurately explain what went wrong because the way she interpreted the whole thing may be different than what it may seem if it seems like anything.
    If you've already tried that and it hasn't helped much then, I guess it's not going all too well and as hard as it would be to swallow, you might need to move on 🙈. I'd suggest sending one final message explaining everything again. Your feelings, and how everything has been doing and you still don't know what went wrong just to go over it one last time and then from there you can decide where to go.


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