In your opinion am I truly in love or infatuated with him?

i had feelings for this guy for 7 years now at school. we were and still childhood friends, didn't talk for an unknown reason for 4 years and then got renuited and talked again and grew even closer and dated after a year and 1/2 for half a year. no one cheated, no betrayals. i had a situation where he was almost the only one i properly talked about the problem and it hurt him as well because i wouldn't seek help for a personal reason and he wanted me to. he never did any wrong. i know he's not perfect, but his flaws make he even more beautiful i would say. this guy , also, saved me from a very dark moment of my life.. he atcutally saved my life... i wanted to end my life and dropped hints at the day i wanted to , but he.. somehow convinced me to stay and had an idea to what was going on.
however he might not even know that he saved my life..

even if we aren't together , i still love him and all of him... he's truly amazing... even if we are friends only, seeing his happiness matters the most to me...


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  • I think its a strong infatuation


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