Should I go for it?

I've been single for about 2 years and it's been hard for me to move on from my previous relationship.
So, there's this girl I know and we've been friends and been talking with each other for about 3 years or so. And i think I've grown close to her and I share stuff that I wouldn't with other friends.
She lives some place else which is like 4hrs away from where I live and that's the place where I moved from (so, that's how I know her) .
So, I've been feeling kinda lonely and depressed lately. I was wondering if I could get outta this zone and ask this girl? And so, if I did, how would she react? Would things work out between us since we don't live in the same city? (Overthinking, but anyway)
SHOULD I ask her out? This is kinda the main question. I wonder if things would be better then?


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  • Dragging your feet is a turn off for women, so it's hard to win her over after you waited this long.

    But it's possible. I even made a free video course on how to seduce a female friend:

    But here's the foundations of what you need to do...


    Just treat her like you would a first date. Be fun, flirt, touch he way more, hug her hello and goodbye, read her palm, sit close, hold hands, cuddle, and then kiss her.

    It's literally that easy.

    Don't waste time talking about feelings, or talking about specifics. Just TAKE ACTION. Invite her to dinner. Don't call it a date. If she asks if it's a date then just say, "Sure, if that'll get you out of your moms basement into a nice dinner with me, sure." Be flirty, tease her, and always always be fun.


    ~ Robby

  • after 2 years I don't see any reason for you to not try and date someone new at this point
    as to the question if this one is the right one? I really don't know but I do think its time to date other people


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