Should I go for it?

I've been single for about 2 years and it's been hard for me to move on from my previous relationship.
So, there's this girl I know and we've been friends and been talking with each other for about 3 years or so. And i think I've grown close to her and I share stuff that I wouldn't with other friends.
She lives some place else which is like 4hrs away from where I live and that's the place where I moved from (so, that's how I know her) .
So, I've been feeling kinda lonely and depressed lately. I was wondering if I could get outta this zone and ask this girl? And so, if I did, how would she react? Would things work out between us since we don't live in the same city? (Overthinking, but anyway)
SHOULD I ask her out? This is kinda the main question. I wonder if things would be better then?
Should I go for it?
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