What do I do about my two guy friends?

Two of my guy friends asked me out at the same time. Alex and Aaron are very good friends of mine.
  • Alex- he's really kind and loves to compliment me. he's an amazing person and loves me for who I am. He has helped me through my depression a year or two back.
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  • Aaron- he is also a kind person and never gives up on me. Aaron helped me through the grief of my brothers death. he is always there for me but wishes i dye my hair back to my natural colour.
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  • In this case, the best choice is to not chose any of them. Because I you pick one of those 2, you will lose them both I can promise, and you will never forgive yourself. Don't do this choice and turn them both down


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  • Neither. If you're even asking this question, you clearly don't love either of them.


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  • Aaron


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