Should I keep trying with this girl?

so I like this girl and she likes me, we’ve been friends for a while and things are good.. we laugh, I go to her locker and talk to her a lot, we laugh, people say “ooo” when we’re together, etc. the thing is she’s not out of the closet to the school, which is totally fine with me, I’m not pressuring her for anything.. I don’t want to date right now cause I just got out of something huge and im getting myself okay again and she doesn’t want to right now even secretly cause she doesn’t know what people will think even though everyone’s cool with me being gay. So I asked if one day when we hangout if I could get a kiss, I’ve gotten two cheek kisses but I want to get a little more. I’m not asking for a relationship or a makeup sesh or some huge come out party. Just one kiss while nobody can see and judge her. She did the annoyed laugh and said she can’t. I asked why and she said she just can’t.. I asked if she still likes me and she didn’t answer, so I asked again and she said yea. She gives 0 signs of liking me , no excitement when I come around, no blushing, nothing.. even when we’re alone.. while I show plenty signs and I’m the one trying to take this somewhere. Not a relationship yet buh at least the talking phase. Why did she say no kiss? why did she hesitate to answer me? why no signs? Should I just stop chasing this girl? Spare the hurt?
Should I keep trying with this girl?
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