Im confused as what we are. Is he just a fuck buddy or does he want more?

I met this guy 4 years ago now on tinder. On our first date we ended up sleeping together. We saw each other for a few weeks and the chemistry was insane. Best sex I’ve ever had and he said it’s rare for him too. He moved away so we didn’t continue to date. We both dated diff people for 2 years. In sept both of us had just broken up with those people and he started texting me again. He now lives 10 hrs away. He came to visit me and slept together. It’s obvious we have crazy sexual chemistry, less than a month later he texted me to come visit just to see me and go to the spa for a day. We spent two and a half days together and even went Christmas shopping. He came down just for me. Before he left he said he wished we had more time together as we get along super well are very similar and have great attraction. I was also talking about going to Thailand and he asked if he could come. He said in all seriousness I’m down and would travel for two weeks. Now to add more confusion he says he wishes I won’t date anyone else so he can have me to himself and be selfish. He’s never mentioned us doing long distance or trying but for Christmas I’m going up to see fam and they are an hour away. He wants me to come visit then too. The thing that’s weird is he acts like a player talks about women he’s dated, his pas relationships but it seems like he likes me. Do you think he likes me more than just a hookup? What would be signs that he did? Or am I just a pit stop in this town for him?


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