What do you call friends with benefits but he’s “emotionally invested”?

We go on dates, he invites me over even if I’m on my period to listen to music and chill, he told me he feels safe with me and that he’ll miss me over winter break, he told me he's “definitely emotionally invested in me”


we both said we dont want a relationship!! He cited some good reasons for why (that have to do with my circumstances) so why is he saying all this stuff, he’s been in two relationships before me. Is it because he doesn’t know how to be friends with benefits? What can I do to make sure I don’t catch feelings for him and that he doesn’t break my heart or his own
Update: we’re on break and he doesn’t ever message me. I think I should just cut off our sex appointments


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  • I call it time to get another friends with benefits.

    • We just started! 😭

    • well you have to be more clear to him about what you are wanting from you friends with benefits and that you are not ready to move in that direction at this point. And like how things are right now. And if he can't except that time to end it quickly.

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  • Boyfriend in denial

  • To me that just sound like a relationship.

    • He acts like i’m his girlfriend but literally said he doesn’t want a relationship, should I just stiff arm him emotionally?

    • Well the question is do you still want to continue having benefits if he does that? If not then you shouldn't just leave you should probably distance your self from him over the course of a month.

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