I can’t get a girlfriend but all my friends and every other guy can?

I don’t know what it is with me but I cannot seem to get any girl to show even the most remote interest in me it got so bad I withdrew $5000 in cash and offered some girls that I really fancied the cash in return for just hanging out with me and going for a coffee but they all declined I even went as far as to sweeten the deal by offering then half the cash up front and the other half after we had been out. All the girls declined my offer yet I found out they went to parties and the movies with other guys that I know of and all the guy did was ask I tried that without the cash incentive and was told that they’d get back to me which they never did. What do I do I offered a huge cash reward no girl was interested I ask confidently they flatly turn me down. Yet all these other guys simply do is smile and the girl goes yes I’ll go with you. I have a good job a house a good career and I’m funny so what do I have to do to get girls to give me a chance and not fob me off for the next guy in line offer them a million dollars in cash a billion? If anyone can help me out it’d be much appreciated because nothing I seem to do Work.


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  • Be glad they turned you down. If they said yes and started dating you you wouldn't know if it's because of your money (you offer 5 grand it's obvious you have money) or if they actually like you. If you want a date and want the girl to like you for you don't offer her money especially 5 grand worth.

    • But I mean if your goal is to date a gold digger then you are going about it the perfect way

    • Thank you for your advice But see therein lies the problem girls don’t like me for me I have tried the approach of what you said but im turned down every time the worst was one time I asked a girl to a Valentine’s Day event and she said no then another guy asked her a few minutes later and she said yes with no hesitation and gave him a big hug and smirked at me you have no idea how cut i felt

    • Wow, that was a very bitchy thing to do. I'm sorry my gender can be so horrible sometimes. Don't give up though, we aren't all the same or that bitchy.

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  • If you want to go out with a guy I can do it for 5k

    • Oh believe me with the way my luck has been going I’m seeiously tempted i get hit on by more guys than girls go figure that one out

    • I mean, I'm totally straight, but if you only want to hang out I can do it 😂

      If a girl came to me and offered me 5k for going out with her I'd suspect something fishy and may not agree, because I'd feel like something isn't right.

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  • Girls never want to be "bought". The only girls that would say yes are ones you wouldn't want anyways. Instead just tell them they are fun interesting and cute and want to get hot cocoa next time it snows?

    • sadly every time I do ask them out to something they inveribly say I’ll get back to you and never do then I find out that they went out with someone else it hurts when that happens not just once but time and again that’s what why thought if I offeeng them something in return for their time I thought who’d turn down that amount i long for female conpanionship

    • If you're that desperate its a big turn off. Get a talent or a hobby and meet girls there. Gl

  • "I treat every female in sight like a whore, why don't they like me?"

    • Well short of building myself a female robot what else was I to do I've tried every other approach with girls and got nothing. What do you suggest I do?

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  • Why you're trying to buy them asshole they are not for sale just improve your self and being single is not a curse so calm down

    • It is a curse actually especially when my friends are planning Christmas and New Years doing couples outings and I’m the only one left on the sidelines wishing I could join I wasn’t even invited as I was told and I quote didn’t have anyone to go with and so it would be a waste of Rome to come as they were going to be doing couple stuff activities together. That really made my day that did I can tell you.

    • I understand you're feeling asker bro I'm single+virgin so what if we haven't found any girl, my standards are bit high that is why I'm single, being single dose not means that we should lower our standards just wait for the right chance

  • Try not to take it hard. Perhaps being in a different environment might be helpful! I will say that it's not wise to offer money like that. Be kind, patient and listen.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, I can’t flirt or anything like that to save my life, but just give it time, it sucks, but don’t rush it, you’ll most likely regret it if you do


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