What is she doing?

A few days ago the girl that I've been talking to was being really adamant about hangout with me I had a few things I had bought her and I guess she really wanted them but at was really busy at the time after a few days of her asking me to drop them off at work I eventually asked her don't you want to see me when we agreed on hanging out? she responded that she does so I asked her to be patient till the next day me been a nice guy after work I go to her job and drop them off, that very night she send me a text asking me that if we could hangout a different day instead I agreed the next morning I text her and ask her how she's doing she tells me she's very stressed and that she's having a very bad day so I said I hope you feel better soon and left it at that today she text me out of the blue and said she had to call in sick and that she's very irritated because of it I call her and asked her if she's not feeling well by the time we set our hangout that it's ok we can do it another day so am I just dumb or is she just making excuses to not talk to me anymore?


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  • You could wait it out since she's probably hitting a rough patch right now or just take the assumption of excuses to not talk to you.


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