What did her text mean or was she just teasing?

So we had a nice second date and we ended up kissing again at the end, we laughed because her lipstick went all over me and she wiped it off. She told me to text her when I’m back home safe.

An hour later she text me “I’m home and in bed with Potter! (The book not actual Daniel Radcliffe)! I hope you haven’t been killed on the bus! I had a lovely time tonight, thank you ☺️ Sorry about the red lipstick faux par! I didn’t think 🤦🏾‍♀️ X”

I replied “Just got back home, had a nice evening with you too. Managed to get most of it off, got a few looks.. But would’ve done the same again 😉 Glad you got home ok x”

The text I’m asking about is the following “Hahaha! Well you could have pulled if you had got lucky on the bus 😉 I’m off to sleep now! Goodnight ☺️ xx”

When she says I could have got lucky and pulled on the bus, is she teasing me about the lipstick on my face or is she not bothered if I pulled someone else?


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