Ladies have you ever dated a guy, decided you didn't want a relationship at the time, then ended up dating them down the line?

I met a girl that i went out with a few times. She broke up with her ex of a year and a half like 2 months prior and told me that she really felt she wasn't ready for a relationship yet, but wanted to stay friends because she really liked me. I've never been in this position and had it turn into a relationship, so i wanted to see if any ladies have actually ended up with a guy after being in a situation like this.


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  • Well first off the bat I want to give you a big fat warning, let be friends with the promise of a relationship is usually how a girl strings along a guy and gets an emotional relationship without having to give sex and things to the guy. Also she can very easily also be using you for money.

    So what I reckon is don't buy things for her ( if she complains tell her that you reserve it for girls you date)

    Don't give her all the time of your world go out look for other women if she likes you she'll make it known to you when your dating.

    Don't spend all you time with her or text her all the time.
    DON'T spend money on her.
    DO go looks for other women.
    If she complains tell her you only do that in a committed relationship.

    • She pays for things too, i only paid for our dates in full before she mentioned she didn't want a relationship. I only have seen her once since she mentioned she didn't want a relationship too. Im not a rookie by any means, this is just a first time situation for me. Normally i dont care to be friends with a girl that doesn't feel the same as me cuz they are pretty boring in the end. She isn't though.

    • Well if that's the case hang out with her but still date other people in my opinion

    • Of course. I keep my options open if a girl i like doesn't want a relationship at the moment.

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