She lost attraction for me? WHAT THE HECK?

So I met this girl though a mutual friend. He had a get together that night. We clicked & exchanged numbers.

The next time we hung out, it was with friends. We laid up & watched a movie, played pool.

She texted me immediately after i dropped her off saying “how much she had a great time, and how she finds me very attractive & how she loved every minute & that I’m a sweetheart”.

she tells me she “can’t get enough of me” she even screenshots my selfies I send to her. (VERY High attraction for me at the time)

The other day I took her out & walked around the city. Looked at Christmas lights (she loves them). And had dinner. She texted me after I dropped her off saying “Hello :) Thank you for an amazing time! You’re a sweetheart and I’m looking forward to more dates with you (hopefully) lol “
We kissed. (Great, not in friend zone)

The past few days haven’t been the same after that. She doesn’t give me much attention. So I don’t give her attention. (I let her come to me). I don’t double text, I don’t act clingy. I don’t over compliment.

So I called her, asked her what her schedule was like (so I can plan a date). She tells me she’s grabbing lunch with a friend on Friday, and how she might be busy Saturday & Sunday. She then said “actually I’m free Saturday” so I said perfect, I’ll be at your house 6pm Saturday. She agreed.

My assumption is that “friend” is a guy. She’s very attractive & gets tons of attention. So I feel in competition. I keep my cool and don’t act insecure or needy. Not sure what went wrong here, wether it’s me or just someone else she got more interested in. She never had a father figure in her life.

I’m ready to just cancel the plans Saturday & move on. She’s 23 I’m turning 21 in 2 weeks.

Why would someone’s attraction die down like this?

If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t agree to go out with me. She will text me first. Today she did. And said “hey you” & she asked how my day is & what I did today...

Need your help!


Most Helpful Girl

  • It seems like it was a “new guy new feeling” type of interest. You were someone new who she liked and found attractive, but when you showed interest she found out she doesn’t feel the same anymore. I do that all the time, I don’t mean to but it’s just that it’s something new and it’s kinda a “act first, think later” thing. I hope it gets better tho

    • How can I avoid it? How can I Have her Persue me

    • If you really like her, I’d talk to her about it. If you don’t then move on (sorry to sound like a bitch

Most Helpful Guy

  • Never take a fickle, emotionally driven individual seriously... that was your mistake. Giving anything a 23 year old girl did or said any weight is a recipe for disaster.

    Why did she lose attraction? who knows, maybe she noticed a single grey hair, or suddenly remembered she wanted someone 1/2 cm taller, or maybe you wore aftershave that reminded her of her Gran dad.

    A lot of what girls says they want, does not match what there actions speak. I suggest you assume ''full of shit until proven otherwise''.


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  • You may not be the only one she's dating. It's part of being single, you can't make her pick you. If she's interested she'll make time for you. If you don't want to deal with the BS of "competing", move on.

  • Girls are weird. won't know unless you ask her

  • Maybe she feels like you're not showing as much enthusiasm so she's cooled it down a bit more to your pace. So she's job st keeping herself busy with a life - which is the completely right and normal thing to do. If she wasn't interested in you still she wouldn't have cleared her schedule Saturday. Have you shown her much interest in return yet?

    • Yes. I flirt with her & barely get any back so I stop. She use to screenshot my selfies and stuff. Not anymore. She doesn’t text me goodnight anymore. Or send me goodmorning texts

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    • Yeah I called her & told her i was thinking about her & that I had fun & that we should go out again. She said “awe, definitely”. Then I called the next day and asked her to go out Saturday

    • Just play it cool then and see what happens Saturday, I doubt she's lost interest yet.

What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly just ask but don't be accuse her of anything just use a lot of "I..." statements e. g "I feel like we aren't connecting as much as we did when we first met up, I still enjoy your company , so I just wanted to ask if you also feel the same"


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